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Okay, so over the course of the last few weeks, Twitter has become more than just my favorite social media app. It became a place where I could interact with not only my friends, but with other people around the world. Whether they are other educators, authors, celebrities, or even a bachelorette from The Bachelor, I learned that there was more to Twitter than just typing away to my friends.

To honest, this wasn’t the first time I attempted to reach out to people who are very known or famous. I’ve been trying it for years. From bein a 15 year old trying to get Ashley Tisdale’s attention, to actually having conversations with a famous “Disney” couple (Andrew and Hali Ducote). For those who are curious, this couple used to work at Disneyland as Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. Their Character names were Spieling Peter and Carebare Wendy. They grew up together, and ended up getting married, back in 2012.

tumblr_mq5g7cX2ef1rnovlco2_500 04b4b40db03a0cbf087805f198915868

Honestly, they are two of my favorite people. Andrew has wished me a happy birthday before, and I’ve also had a debate with both Andrew and Hali about how shaped Kraft Mac & Cheese has a different taste than regular Kraft Mac & Cheese (which they do).


It honestly has been amazing being able to talk to people like them. Here I am, a girl born and raised in Jersey, talking to very popular people in the Disney world. It’s just so incredible how Twitter allows you to interact with people from all over the US, or even the world. But it didn’t stop there for me.

Last June, Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 came to Rowan for a book signing for her book, Pride Over Pity. She’s my favorite teen mom from both Teen Moms, so I just had to meet her. And, I went, and made sure to tweet about her coming that day. I honestly never thought she’d notice them, yet she did. Each photo I posted, she favorited. And that made my day, on top of actually meeting her. Recently, partly for this class, I tried to reach out to her again, but I haven’t received any notice back this time.

Twitter post 3

It’s a little upsetting, but I’m okay with it. I’ll get her again one day.

Next, I reached out to a former bachelorette from this season of the Bachelor, Jade. She’s been my favorite since the beginning, and I was really upset when she left, that I wanted to show her my love. I ended up tweeting about her becoming the next Bachelorette, and to my surprise, she favorited it!!

Twitter post

This seriously made my day. I was having a rough week, so getting a response like that from her was like the highlight of my week. So, I again, posted to her again. And this time, she tweeted me back!!!!! Ahhh!!! Let me tell you, I was major fangirling about this.

 Twitter post 2

Now, I don’t want you to think that it’s easy getting responses from very known people. It is not at all. It took me years to find the right people to interact with. As you can see, they weren’t exactly widely known celebrities or authors. However, they are well known, in different aspects of our world. People who are huge Disney fans like me, would find tweets from Andrew or Hali Ducote a huge deal. Or people who are huge fans of Teen Mom would freak out to know that Kailyn favorited some of my tweets, let alone that I actually met her. Or, my tweet and favorites from Jade from the Bachelor would drive Bachelor fans nuts! But, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t happen all the time, or overnight. It’ll take time for people to notice you. But don’t give up. If you tweet enough, and believe in your tweets, they will notice you.


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