DeMora – No Facebook They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said..

Facebook Post

Last week was honestly harder than I ever imagined. Being away from Facebook for just a week? I can do it. I’ve deactivated for about 5 months before. It’ll be a piece of cake! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy… Or so I thought.

It started out okay. As soon as I went into class, I stopped looking at my Facebook, and just went to my other social media loves, Twitter and Instagram. I was doing pretty well. Twitter is my number one go to social media source, and Instragram is always nice to look at as well. But then I started getting notifications. It started off as one notification on the messenger app. I thought, “Okay, it’s just one little ‘hey’ from a kid in high school. I can wait a week for this.” But then, other things started happening. People were commenting on a photo I posted that morning, liking the photo, and other posts I made that morning. This was just day one.

By day three, I had about 10 notifications including the messenger app. I was doing okay, being away. No one was freaking out about me not being on, and I was still able to text my closest friends, while still using Twitter and Instagram. Then it got more tempting..

More notifications kept popping up. So and so’s birthday is today, so and so commented on this, etc. It was getting ridiculous.


By the end of the week, I had around 15 notifications. It was complete torture. On top of that, Facebook decides to send you notification emails. It was sooo hard not to look. I honestly couldn’t wait until Wednesday to finally look. I sadly couldn’t wait til class to officially look, and I looked the second I woke up that morning. And boy was I glad to be back!

Honestly, I never realized just how much of my life is revolved around social media. But being off of Facebook, even for just 7 days, opened my eyes to how bad my addiction really is. It’s part of my daily routine to look at my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every morning when I first wake up. During my free time, I look at all three of them in a specific order (Instagram, Facebook, then Twitter). It’s honestly hard to change something in your routine after you’ve done it for so long. I’m not saying that change is bad or that I can’t do it. But I will say that it’s hard, and it would definitely take more than a week for me to stay off Facebook, completely.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad you’re back in my life Facebook. I miss ya, you old buddy.



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  1. I agree social media has become so addicting in our generation. I personally always have the urge and necessity to check my Facebook, Instagram and even Snap Chat every time I wake up or throughout my day. Not being able to use social media for a whole week made me realized how dependent we have become on social media. Spending hours of my day wasting time just scrolling up and down Facebook. But again like you mentioned is not something you could just walk away from, it has become an addiction and a part of our social life and daily routines.


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