Reyna- Tweeting with the Professional Community


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When I was first instructed to create a Twitter account, I was completely surprised. I knew that the class Intro. To Writing Arts was going to be a very attention-grabbing class, but never suspected that it would be much of a technological class environment. In class we were able to live tweet all different comments or concerns. If I had any questions about anything in class, I was able to communicate via twitter with my classmates, which was very convenient. I had never signed up for a Twitter account so the whole idea of tweeting was something I was not familiar with at all. We were assigned to tweet at least three times a day and to interact with the professional community. Once I got the idea of tweeting I was unable to stop tweeting. It amazes me that in today’s culture there are so many forms of communication.

Not having as much followers as my peers or others in the social media made it harder to try and communicated with professionals or celebrities. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger was kind of an odd experience for me, just because I knew I was not going to get a reply back. I tweeted to two different very know celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Lana Parrilla. I tweeted a question in Spanish to one of my favorite Latina singers Jennifer Lopez. My question was based on something I had learned in my Spanish class that week, which is, Is a leader born or made? I waited for a week for a response, a week pass by and there was no response back. I felt so upset, but at the same time I understood they are celebrities’ with extremely busy life’s styles. As I scroll down and up my twitter feed, I notice the multiple conversations my peers were having with different professionals, I guess they must have done something right to get a reply back unlike me.

Overall my experience with twitter was not as boring as I might make it seem. Looking back to day one to present-day, I have definitely adapted to the whole twitter sphere concept. Hopefully one day Jennifer Lopez or Lana Parrilla from my favorite TV series Once Upon a time would have 30 seconds and reply back. For now I am just going to keep on twitting drinking a cup of coffee, in case I fall asleep waiting for them.


Tweeting with the Professional Writing Community- Reyna

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Gazing into my laptop endlessly, logged into my twitter account. Running my eyes back and fourth among the various folks I made the choice to follow in the beginning of the semester. I was given an assignment, to interact with the individuals in the professional writing community through twitter. Sadly, I failed L well in better words I tried. I tweeted several professionals, but I suppose they were too busy to even respond back to my hash-tags, tweets and messages or maybe they simply had no interest in engaging with a so called “less professional writer”. Being that this was the first time that I used twitter as much as I did in this module, I was really looking forward to hearing back from the several professional writers and celebrities. As a first time Twitter user, I followed just about anyone and tweeted about anything that came across my mind, but I guess that was not the case. Since my interaction with the professionals in the writing community was a fail, I guess I could use this blog to talk about my experience using twitter and tweeting professionals and famous celebrity writing communities.

When I first started using twitter I had no idea how to work it. I would frequently ask questions to whatever person decided to sit next to me that day of class. Once I got the hang of it, I was unable to stop tweeting. I found it pretty amazing how in today’s world, there are multiple ways of communicating with each other. However, I notice the difference in my followers, in regards to those who follow thousands and thousands of fans. Starting a conversation with a total stranger is not as easy as it sounds. At one point I felt like a stalker, constantly tweeting a professional or celebrity.

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As the days went by I had no reply, which bummed me out a little. I guess not everyone could be a twitter star. Scrolling up and down on my news feed, I noticed the multiple conversations that were taking place between several of my classmates and a professional. Luckily they had the chance to experience that. I on the other hand was not as lucky, but I am okay with it. Apart from being completely ignored by the professional writing community, I did engage in really cool conversation with some of my peers. Another experience was the live tweeting in class. Live tweeting in class was so awe-inspiring. Not in a million years would I have ever seen myself sitting in a classroom tweeting whatever popped in my head at the moment. Being able to expose my ideas, comments or concerns about all the readings we had in class to my peers was really helpful and a great way of communicating with each other throughout twitter. Looking back to day one to the present day, I feel I have adapted to the whole twitter idea. Hey! Maybe in the long run, I would finally get a response back from the professionals and celebrities. Until then I would just continue tweeting my fingers away. #lettheoddsbeinyourfavor #wontstop #shakeitoff #Tocool #twitterrocks

Pecha Kucha- Reyna

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When I think about the word or phrase (Pecha Kucha), the first image that pops in my head is an image of a Pokémon or a delicious foreign dish. As delicious as it may sound neither are correct. Pecha Kucha in fact is a way of presenting a power point (sounds familiar?) with only 20 slides, 20 seconds each with no text on any of the slides. Just imagine having no text in front of you to present, how challenging could it be when you are being timed for each slide. The main idea of the Pecha Kucha is to link all ideas and thesis statements into one big narrative. The idea of the Pecha Kucha has been floating around the world since its discovery and now it’s making its way to our writing arts classrooms. So let me tell you about my not so good experience with the Pecha Kucha assignment.

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To start off, let me say that I was very confused and overwhelmed with the whole idea of the Pecha Kucha. Even after I watched several Pecha Kucha examples, I was ready to pull my hair out of my head. I thought to myself, how I could present a PowerPoint in less than a minute and twenty seconds, with only pictures refereeing to my blogs and class readings. That is impossible and Crazy! But hey! If someone else did it, why can’t I, I am no different. So afterwards, I was surfing the internet in search of pictures that would be relatable to the class readings and our blog theme. Many thoughts were racing through my mind. Did I choose enough pictures? Are the pictures appropriate? Do they have meaning? All these crazy questions were going through my head. I began to feel stressed, I was ready to explode. Anyways, as I started to write down my narrative, I went in order according to the slides. My first slide summed up one of our readings for class “The machine is Using”. The hardest part of the assignment was choosing the right words to get my point across. Unlike my other group members I kind of summarized the articles more than they did, which was the reason why I was not so confident with my part of the presentation. Presentation day came and we all met up to present our Pecha Kucha to Professor Kopp. I was really nervous, but then I got the hang of it. Even though my narrative was not as perfect as my other group members I really enjoyed experiencing a new method of presenting a PowerPoint. Also for future reference, the feedback given by our professor was extremely useful and rewarding. At the end of the presentation I was extremely proud of myself for trying and for the great work my group presented. I hope this is not the last time I am able to use the Pecha Kucha as a method of presenting.

Reyna- Reaction to Facebook

Facebook Reaction-

Many people are addicted to social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the popular app Snap Chat. All of these social creations are a way for people to communicate with one another from all over the world, at any time with a simple click of a button or like. In today’s society, instead of saying send me a letter, we have no control over ourselves than to say without hesitation “hit me up through Facebook or DM me” how ironic. It has been an extremely eye opening experience observing how the world of technology has advanced over the years, making it harder for humans to give up their addictions to social media. I myself, is guilty of being addicted to social media, especially Instagram and Snap Chat. Facebook has become less popular over the years, being over powered by all these new social media sites. I personally only use Facebook to communicate with family members who are older.

For our class assignment, we had to give up using any foundation of social media, in this case I chose Instagram and Snapchat, my two major addictions. Being away from social media was not enjoyable at all, I felt disconnected from my peers and my social circle. Customarily in the morning the first thing I would do is check my phone, leading to the opening of the Instagram or snap chat icons, scrolling for minutes eventually running late to class. Checking social media have become part of my everyday routine. Not being able to use it for one whole week was killing me slowly, but it was doable and rewarding. I noticed many changes throughout my days. I would usually take longer to get my work done due to constantly stopping to check Instagram and Snap Chat, without these distractions I was able to finish my work faster than usual. I also noticed that whenever I am in an awkward situation, I rely on my phone for safety. The fear of getting embarrassed is what leads many of us to find comfort in our devices. Try putting your phone down and observe the people walking around strangers or people walking into a crowd of complete strangers and their first reaction would be to pull out their phones. Overall the experience was very rewarding and attainable.


Reyna -Response- to Atwood in the Twitter Sphere

Response- to Atwood in the Twitter Sphere

Is there anything cuter than a grandmother sitting at her desk with a cup of coffee to the side, tweeting her fingers away? When I think about twitter, I think of teens and young adults tweeting, not a lovely old lady with her plucky glasses. That’s like picturing my eighty year old grandmother having a twitter and tweeting her thoughts, not a familiar picture. When I first started reading this article “Atwood in the Twitter Sphere”, I was very intrigued by the text, that I started to imagine different situations in my head. I envision this lady sitting in front of her computer tweeting and gossiping with her followers, bringing me laughter, the good kind of laughter. I had no idea who Margaret Atwood was, so I began to do my research on this lovely lady. Surprisingly, I found out she claims different titles of poet, novelist, literary critic and environmental activist. She has received various awards for her work. Still at age 75, this amazing lady is still showing her passion for writing in the twitter sphere by encouraging others with her writing and advices. Margaret Atwood is one of the most important members of the writing community. Throughout her experience as a writer, she has produced numerous novels, movies and critics to the writing community.

One thing that stands out to me from this article was the way she describes her experience in the twitter community. Many people could relate to the way she describes her followers. Using her own words she says ““The Twitter sphere is an odd and uncanny place. It’s something like having fairies at the bottom of your garden. How do you know anyone is who he/she says he is, especially when they put up pictures of themselves that might be their feet, or a cat, or a Mardi Gras mask, or a tin of Spam?” Yes! How do you know who is spam and who is real? That’s the scariest part of being a part of social media. Talking from experience, I had someone steal my photos from my profile and use them to make a fake account under my name. They were messaging and adding people, making people believe it was me. Luckily, I was able to figure out who the person was and put an end to the situation before it got out of control.  Again, like Atwood mentioned, you never truly know who sits behind the other end of the screen.

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Reasons Why Your 20’s Are So Critical

Reasons Why Your 20s Are So Critical

Many people think of their twenties as their selfish years, their time to do whatever they want, have fun, and live life like there is no tomorrow. What people fail to realize is that may not always be the case.  Of course we should go out and have fun and see what the world has to offer us, but we should also take this time to educate ourselves, build ourselves, and take a jump start on our futures. The choices we make now have a much larger impact on our lives than we have ever imagined. I understand that there are many barriers we face as young adults, but this time can be the most important and life changing years of our lives.  For instance, in the article “Reasons why your 20s are so critical” explains to us why it is so important to jump straight into the real world post-college or high school and the effect it will have on us, such as:

  1. Much of your wage growth happens in the first few years of your career
  2. Many of your significant life experiences will take place in your 20s
  3. You learn how to have and maintain healthy relationships
  4. Your personality is still developing
  5. It is the time to think about what you want to do in life and more importantly act on it
  6. Build networks personally and professionally
  7. Financial decisions now will impact your finances in the future
  8. You’re very likely to meet your spouse
  9. You realize that time is of the essence
  10. Most importantly you learn to be an adult

Some of us may feel a little overwhelmed or like we aren’t on the right track, but there’s no need to be. The purpose of this is to emphasize how critical our 20s are and the impact those years will have on our lives.

The Struggle of paying for college


Have you ever wonder what would happen if you did not have the money to attend college and get the education you have always wanted? Imagine feeling restricted from accomplishing your goal of becoming a doctor, nurse, or teacher simply because you were unable to pay your college tuition for various reasons. For instance, losing your grants or funds for something simple like public intoxication or academic probation. Being depressed because your partner decided to end the relationship. To be realistic, your relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted. It’s college, go out and enjoy yourself, so what if your partner dumps you, life goes on. College is not about finding your life partner and being stuck with one person, it is about finding who you are. Put yourself first.
Anyways sorry got off track for a moment… What would you do in this case? The majority of students would seek help from their parents and loved ones, but for a student that comes from poverty or a low income home might not have the resources or support system needed to succeed. Their options are usually dropping out of school and get a job or get a full-time job and try to maintain their academics. The majority of students in today’s college world work and go to school. Some know how to manage their time between the two and other don’t. Point blank, the issue I am trying to get across through this post is that no matter how hard the situation you’re in is there is always a way of making it better. Not saying it would be easy, but if there’s a will there’s always a way.
This weekend I read an article about a college freshman. I’m not sure what college she attends, but for security proposes let’s not question it. This young lady was in a committed relationship, but her partner decided to end it. That put her in an extremely depressive state, which caused her to fall behind on her academics and lose sight of why she attended college in the first place. Due to her depression and lack of motivation, she lost her HOPE scholarship that was helping her pay for the majority of her college tuition. She needed assistance, but she refused to tell her parents about what was going because they were extremely stern. She tried finding different ways to obtain money, such as working as a waitress, other part-time jobs, and selling some of her belongings. The money she had coming in was not enough to support her or her college tuition. She then decided to become a “Sugar Baby” for older men. A sugar baby is basically like a “gold digger” someone seeking money from older men for money and other valuable things. After becoming a “Sugar Baby” she started meeting with different men from around the world. She not only met with them for money, but she had sex with them for money. This young lady, a college student who was too afraid to reach out to her parent made a choice of selling her body and time to older rich men. Like I mentioned before she had her reasons, but why sell yourself short when there’s always a way out when the struggle is real. I myself also a college student do not come from a wealthy home. There were plenty of times I thought about dropping out because of financial problems, but if you seek help there’s always someone willing to help you. The idea of paying for college is one struggle I feel young women face in today’s society.