Twitter – Reaching Out – Bell

Entering the world of Twitter was a new experience that I started this semester.  I never thought about trying out Twitter and starting an account.  I always thought to myself, I never have enough to say, I never have anything interesting to say, or I never have anything worthwhile to post.  Also with only 140 characters, I didn’t know if that was possible.  Starting a Twitter account in the beginning of this class was like entering a whole new world.  I didn’t know where to begin, or what my first tweet would be.  It had to be something good! It was hard and confusing for me to be able to find people that I wanted to follow.  I learned about the hashtag which really helped me find people in my class.  I was then able to add everyone in class and I was right in hands reach if I ever needed to ask a question to a fellow classmate.  This was when I began to think that maybe Twitter isn’t that bad.  I started out tweeting a lot between my WRT class and my Intro Class.  I tried to keep up with people who were obviously daily tweeters.  It was hard to keep up with everyone since this was something completely new to me.  I thought I did pretty well for a beginner tweeter.

When it came time to reach out to people in the same profession field as me I found that to be a little difficult.  Thankfully Professor Kopp gave us a list of people we could follow to make this portion of tweeting easier.  After reaching some of the tweets, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to reach out to, or what I would say to them.  What could I say to this person who is successful and known on twitter.  I felt that even if I tried to reach out to them I  still wouldn’t get a tweet back.  I felt inferior to them and I don’t know why I felt that way.  Maybe because I was new to this and just reaching out to someone random made me a little nervous. I decided to pick the best name of the list of professionals that stood out the most to me.  I found her within seconds, and she is amazing! Meet Vicki Davis who is also known as Cool Cat Teacher!  She tweets a lot of inspirations quotes along with a lot of tips for people wanting to enter the educational field.  I did not have any luck hearing back from her, which I assumed would happen. She never really tweeted back to people who retweet her things or tag her in a tweet.  I’m not hurt that she didn’t reach out to me, she’s a busy woman! I will continue to follow her on twitter and save the information she gives out so I can make use of it when I become a teacher.

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