Reyna- Tweeting with the Professional Community


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When I was first instructed to create a Twitter account, I was completely surprised. I knew that the class Intro. To Writing Arts was going to be a very attention-grabbing class, but never suspected that it would be much of a technological class environment. In class we were able to live tweet all different comments or concerns. If I had any questions about anything in class, I was able to communicate via twitter with my classmates, which was very convenient. I had never signed up for a Twitter account so the whole idea of tweeting was something I was not familiar with at all. We were assigned to tweet at least three times a day and to interact with the professional community. Once I got the idea of tweeting I was unable to stop tweeting. It amazes me that in today’s culture there are so many forms of communication.

Not having as much followers as my peers or others in the social media made it harder to try and communicated with professionals or celebrities. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger was kind of an odd experience for me, just because I knew I was not going to get a reply back. I tweeted to two different very know celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Lana Parrilla. I tweeted a question in Spanish to one of my favorite Latina singers Jennifer Lopez. My question was based on something I had learned in my Spanish class that week, which is, Is a leader born or made? I waited for a week for a response, a week pass by and there was no response back. I felt so upset, but at the same time I understood they are celebrities’ with extremely busy life’s styles. As I scroll down and up my twitter feed, I notice the multiple conversations my peers were having with different professionals, I guess they must have done something right to get a reply back unlike me.

Overall my experience with twitter was not as boring as I might make it seem. Looking back to day one to present-day, I have definitely adapted to the whole twitter sphere concept. Hopefully one day Jennifer Lopez or Lana Parrilla from my favorite TV series Once Upon a time would have 30 seconds and reply back. For now I am just going to keep on twitting drinking a cup of coffee, in case I fall asleep waiting for them.


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