The Viral-Media Prof Whose Kids Got 1 Million Facebook Likes (and a Puppy) by Rebecca J. Rosen – Bell

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This article was just the beginning of describing the world of Facebook.  It spoke about the basics, such as getting likes on a post which is something that every person wants.  You aren’t cool unless people like your posts.  When they don’t you feel as if what you had just posted wasn’t good enough for everyone, you have failed at the one thing people love about Facebook and thrive off of.   In it shows the proof how far technology has come. We started with using the printing press to publish things such as the newspaper to now posting and such things as the news online with one click of a button. Rosen wrote about a dad who promised his children a puppy, but they wouldn’t get that puppy so easily. Rosen stated that the sign these children were holding read, “”Hi World,” the sign read. “We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million Likes! So Like this!” And then, in smaller handwriting: “He doesn’t think we can do it!””  The dad wanted his children to get 1 million likes before they could get a puppy and to the fathers surprise they did it! They actually got the 1 million likes.  This is how crazy the world of sharing things on Facebook is.  You would never think some kids could reach that goal, but as Rosen says, “Because the speed, not to mention the reach, of digital technologies is on a totally different scale. You don’t even need to reproduce anything anymore, you merely share with a click.”  It is just that simple now to have something be spread so fast on the internet. The father of the children did say they were going to get a puppy anyway, but he wanted to see how many likes they would actually get.  He didn’t think 1 million like would be anything they could accomplish, but they well exceeded that.  Rosen quoted the father saying, “In many ways, it feels like the Internet has reopened up things that got codified and changed toward the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century. That wild west really gets tamped down; journalism becomes very professionalized; systems are set in place to prevent the kinds of rampant sharing that was happening before. In some ways, when the Internet came along, that open, wild sharing atmosphere had returned.”  There is a totally new way to share news and pictures now, and its never been easier.

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