Our Blog The 20 Year Old Struggle

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The 20 Year Old Struggle, the blog that my partners and I have created is to speak about the struggle of being a 20 year old.  The everyday struggle of life, college, friends, and things that are completely far from a struggle but we make them harder on ourselves.  We speak about the struggles of just being an every day college student trying to make it to graduation to the struggles of not being able to be on Facebook.  We decided that having a blog about the struggles of being in our 20’s was something that a lot of people could easily relate to.  We wanted to pick something that males and females could relate to and be able to connect with people who may have to same struggles as we do.  The easiest way to get people to relate to your blogs would be technology.  Technology means everything to people out age.  We don’t go a day, hour, minute, or second without using some for of technology.  It is our life and we seem to be okay with that.  I think that the coolest struggles that I read about this semester was reading everyones struggle with not using site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  I didn’t do well with this portion of the class because I completely caved and gave in.  It was indeed a struggle to not use Facebook for one whole day, and that is something that our whole class can relate to.  Other things readers can relate to is college, the everyday struggle with going to class, studying, doing homework, and picking out the perfect outfit for the party that night.  The 20 year old struggle is here for everyone to read and relate to.  Blog and Tweet to let everyone know about your everyday struggle.


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