Pecha Kucha! – Bell

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When I first heard our professor say the words Pecha Kucha my firs thought was what?  Then my brain went straight to an image of Pokémon.  Why you may ask, I have no idea but I can say that a log of people had the same thought.  When reviewing the assignment page for out Pecha Kucha presentation I began to feel overwhelmed.  Pecha Kucha is when you present a power point with 20 slides, only pictures, for 20 seconds.  I thought to myself, “How am I going to relate my blog to an article with a picture in under 20 seconds?”.  After talking to my group members I started to all make sense.  It didn’t really seem that it would be that hard after we all got together and spoke about the assignment.  My end result was not exactly what I wanted.

So our group started out blog that is called “The 20 Year Old Struggle”.  The main goal for this blog is to let others know the life of a person is their 20’s and the struggles that come along with being in the generation that we are in, such as being a college student.  For our presentation we as a group decided to put tougher 20 slides with memes that we thought would be entertaining to the listeners, as well as making it easier for them to relate the picture to our readings.  I believe that as a group we did extremely well.  I did have some flaws with my presentation where I did not quote my authors when relating them to our blog.

I am not the person who likes to present projects in front of others since I tend to get nervous and mess up with my words.  The perfect example would be not quoting the authors in my readings.  It was right there on my notecard.  For some reason when I present I don’t go by what I wrote down for myself, I rend to just go with the flow and sometimes throw new things in, and for this presentation I did that, along with leaving out a really important part of my presentation.  Luckily we have a really awesome Professor and didn’t completely shoot me down for not quoting my authors and gave me a second change.

I would have to say that I really over throughout this presentation and really let it get to me.  I set a perfect example for our blog, “ The 20 year old struggle”  and showed that it is indeed a real thing.  I let the stress of the project get in the way of my presentation.  With that being said, I wish I would have relaxed a lot more and just calmly presented my potion of my project.  Pecha Kucha was something new that I have never heard of before.  I think that it is something new that will be used a lot in schools for students to speak about readings.  I really enjoyed the whole idea of the Pecha Kucha after I presented, I got to see what it really was instead of stressing about it.

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