Life of Facebook – Bell

When you think about current technology that people seem to be addicted to, you immediately think about social media.  Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  These current forms of technology are some of the most popular forms of communication for all generations.  It is an easy way for people to see whats going on around the world, whats popular, what their friends are doing, and a way to communicate with them with just the click of a button.  Facebook for example does all these forms of communication with just one site.  You can message people, leave comments, post and like pictures, and see whats going on with all your friends without even having to directly communicate with them.

For this class assignment we were told to attempt to give up Facebook.  Yes, give up Facebook and find some other type of entertainment and way to communicate with friends.  I would never consider myself addicted to Facebook, but when I had to stop myself from clicking on it I soon then realized that I was.  It’s like I didn’t even notice how much time I actually spent on Facebook.  I didn’t realize that I was signing on when I was bored or when I thought about someone.  I was hard to resist clicking on Facebook especially when  I saw a notification that someone tagged me in a post, or the worst one of all when a friend tagged me in a picture.  A picture that I had no idea what it was or what I looked like.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it, what if I looked horrible in this picture I didn’t get the chance to untag myself before everyone on Facebook saw it.  It was driving me completely crazy that I couldn’t see it.  I got desperate and had my friend screenshot the picture she posted on Facebook and have her text it to me.  Admitting that I made my friend send me that picture just shows how much social media can control your life and how pathetic it makes me sound.  After the first day I caved and went back on Facebook.  I found myself bored when I was doing things I needed to be doing.  Facebook was the break that I took when completing homework, what I looked at when I was in the car, and what my boyfriend and I used to share funny memes.  I felt like I was being left out of a lot of things.

I the article “How To Quit Facebook Without Experiencing Withdrawal” Harry Bradford said, “Cutting off online interactions beyond Facebook can have negative consequences, according to another study last year. Heavy Internet users were found to experience “negative moods” when quitting the Internet cold turkey.”  It was so true! I do believe that this is true, I was feeling upset and left out when I couldn’t go on Facebook. My group chats with friends were constantly saying things like , “Oh my god, did you see what Jackie posted on Facebook?!”. No, I didn’t see what she posted because I can’t go on Facebook.  That was one of the main reasons I cheated and went back on.  It was my connection for so many things in life and I felt like I was completely missing out.

I am actually proud of myself for giving up Facebook for one whole day.  I found it extremely hard to go on with my day without getting those little bits of social media in.  I do believe that it could be a lot healthier for people to distance themselves from social media and to stay in the real world.  We are so used to using social media we don’t even remember what it was like to not have them.  I believe that I did spend more time talking to people on the phone and in person more when I didn’t run to Facebook and have it basically detach me from the real world.  After this assignment I think that I am going to limit myself from social sites like Facebook and Instagram.  I will only benefit me.

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