Tweeting with the Professional Writing Community- Reyna

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Gazing into my laptop endlessly, logged into my twitter account. Running my eyes back and fourth among the various folks I made the choice to follow in the beginning of the semester. I was given an assignment, to interact with the individuals in the professional writing community through twitter. Sadly, I failed L well in better words I tried. I tweeted several professionals, but I suppose they were too busy to even respond back to my hash-tags, tweets and messages or maybe they simply had no interest in engaging with a so called “less professional writer”. Being that this was the first time that I used twitter as much as I did in this module, I was really looking forward to hearing back from the several professional writers and celebrities. As a first time Twitter user, I followed just about anyone and tweeted about anything that came across my mind, but I guess that was not the case. Since my interaction with the professionals in the writing community was a fail, I guess I could use this blog to talk about my experience using twitter and tweeting professionals and famous celebrity writing communities.

When I first started using twitter I had no idea how to work it. I would frequently ask questions to whatever person decided to sit next to me that day of class. Once I got the hang of it, I was unable to stop tweeting. I found it pretty amazing how in today’s world, there are multiple ways of communicating with each other. However, I notice the difference in my followers, in regards to those who follow thousands and thousands of fans. Starting a conversation with a total stranger is not as easy as it sounds. At one point I felt like a stalker, constantly tweeting a professional or celebrity.

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As the days went by I had no reply, which bummed me out a little. I guess not everyone could be a twitter star. Scrolling up and down on my news feed, I noticed the multiple conversations that were taking place between several of my classmates and a professional. Luckily they had the chance to experience that. I on the other hand was not as lucky, but I am okay with it. Apart from being completely ignored by the professional writing community, I did engage in really cool conversation with some of my peers. Another experience was the live tweeting in class. Live tweeting in class was so awe-inspiring. Not in a million years would I have ever seen myself sitting in a classroom tweeting whatever popped in my head at the moment. Being able to expose my ideas, comments or concerns about all the readings we had in class to my peers was really helpful and a great way of communicating with each other throughout twitter. Looking back to day one to the present day, I feel I have adapted to the whole twitter idea. Hey! Maybe in the long run, I would finally get a response back from the professionals and celebrities. Until then I would just continue tweeting my fingers away. #lettheoddsbeinyourfavor #wontstop #shakeitoff #Tocool #twitterrocks


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