Pecha Kucha- Reyna

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When I think about the word or phrase (Pecha Kucha), the first image that pops in my head is an image of a Pokémon or a delicious foreign dish. As delicious as it may sound neither are correct. Pecha Kucha in fact is a way of presenting a power point (sounds familiar?) with only 20 slides, 20 seconds each with no text on any of the slides. Just imagine having no text in front of you to present, how challenging could it be when you are being timed for each slide. The main idea of the Pecha Kucha is to link all ideas and thesis statements into one big narrative. The idea of the Pecha Kucha has been floating around the world since its discovery and now it’s making its way to our writing arts classrooms. So let me tell you about my not so good experience with the Pecha Kucha assignment.

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To start off, let me say that I was very confused and overwhelmed with the whole idea of the Pecha Kucha. Even after I watched several Pecha Kucha examples, I was ready to pull my hair out of my head. I thought to myself, how I could present a PowerPoint in less than a minute and twenty seconds, with only pictures refereeing to my blogs and class readings. That is impossible and Crazy! But hey! If someone else did it, why can’t I, I am no different. So afterwards, I was surfing the internet in search of pictures that would be relatable to the class readings and our blog theme. Many thoughts were racing through my mind. Did I choose enough pictures? Are the pictures appropriate? Do they have meaning? All these crazy questions were going through my head. I began to feel stressed, I was ready to explode. Anyways, as I started to write down my narrative, I went in order according to the slides. My first slide summed up one of our readings for class “The machine is Using”. The hardest part of the assignment was choosing the right words to get my point across. Unlike my other group members I kind of summarized the articles more than they did, which was the reason why I was not so confident with my part of the presentation. Presentation day came and we all met up to present our Pecha Kucha to Professor Kopp. I was really nervous, but then I got the hang of it. Even though my narrative was not as perfect as my other group members I really enjoyed experiencing a new method of presenting a PowerPoint. Also for future reference, the feedback given by our professor was extremely useful and rewarding. At the end of the presentation I was extremely proud of myself for trying and for the great work my group presented. I hope this is not the last time I am able to use the Pecha Kucha as a method of presenting.


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