Reyna -Response- to Atwood in the Twitter Sphere

Response- to Atwood in the Twitter Sphere

Is there anything cuter than a grandmother sitting at her desk with a cup of coffee to the side, tweeting her fingers away? When I think about twitter, I think of teens and young adults tweeting, not a lovely old lady with her plucky glasses. That’s like picturing my eighty year old grandmother having a twitter and tweeting her thoughts, not a familiar picture. When I first started reading this article “Atwood in the Twitter Sphere”, I was very intrigued by the text, that I started to imagine different situations in my head. I envision this lady sitting in front of her computer tweeting and gossiping with her followers, bringing me laughter, the good kind of laughter. I had no idea who Margaret Atwood was, so I began to do my research on this lovely lady. Surprisingly, I found out she claims different titles of poet, novelist, literary critic and environmental activist. She has received various awards for her work. Still at age 75, this amazing lady is still showing her passion for writing in the twitter sphere by encouraging others with her writing and advices. Margaret Atwood is one of the most important members of the writing community. Throughout her experience as a writer, she has produced numerous novels, movies and critics to the writing community.

One thing that stands out to me from this article was the way she describes her experience in the twitter community. Many people could relate to the way she describes her followers. Using her own words she says ““The Twitter sphere is an odd and uncanny place. It’s something like having fairies at the bottom of your garden. How do you know anyone is who he/she says he is, especially when they put up pictures of themselves that might be their feet, or a cat, or a Mardi Gras mask, or a tin of Spam?” Yes! How do you know who is spam and who is real? That’s the scariest part of being a part of social media. Talking from experience, I had someone steal my photos from my profile and use them to make a fake account under my name. They were messaging and adding people, making people believe it was me. Luckily, I was able to figure out who the person was and put an end to the situation before it got out of control.  Again, like Atwood mentioned, you never truly know who sits behind the other end of the screen.

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  1. Wow that is really scary that someone would try to BE YOU by stealing your photos and everything. Glad you got that under control. This also makes me think about older people and the Internet. Unfortunately there are a ton of scams on the Internet, and they always seem to think everything on the Internet is true. I don’t think people are looking to steal photos of a cute little old lady to try and be her, but if the person is older and famous enough I do. The Internet is a crazy place, especially social media sights, and especially for the older population.


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