Reasons Why Your 20’s Are So Critical

Reasons Why Your 20s Are So Critical

Many people think of their twenties as their selfish years, their time to do whatever they want, have fun, and live life like there is no tomorrow. What people fail to realize is that may not always be the case.  Of course we should go out and have fun and see what the world has to offer us, but we should also take this time to educate ourselves, build ourselves, and take a jump start on our futures. The choices we make now have a much larger impact on our lives than we have ever imagined. I understand that there are many barriers we face as young adults, but this time can be the most important and life changing years of our lives.  For instance, in the article “Reasons why your 20s are so critical” explains to us why it is so important to jump straight into the real world post-college or high school and the effect it will have on us, such as:

  1. Much of your wage growth happens in the first few years of your career
  2. Many of your significant life experiences will take place in your 20s
  3. You learn how to have and maintain healthy relationships
  4. Your personality is still developing
  5. It is the time to think about what you want to do in life and more importantly act on it
  6. Build networks personally and professionally
  7. Financial decisions now will impact your finances in the future
  8. You’re very likely to meet your spouse
  9. You realize that time is of the essence
  10. Most importantly you learn to be an adult

Some of us may feel a little overwhelmed or like we aren’t on the right track, but there’s no need to be. The purpose of this is to emphasize how critical our 20s are and the impact those years will have on our lives.



  1. Although the 20’s are said to be your selfish years, I believe the 20’s to be a difficult time period full of crucial decision making. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun, but they are definitely not carefree. In fact, they are stressful. The decisions you make in your 20’s, will affect your future much more than the decisions you made when you were younger. As I’ve traveled through my 20’s (I am now 26) I noticed a lot of growth happens during these years and being 21 is a lot different from being 26, thankfully.
    I agree that there is no reason for people to feel like they aren’t on the right track. As long as you’re working towards goals and bettering yourself, the work that you do in your 20’s will pay off


  2. I completely agree with this post in saying that your 20’s are NOT your selfish years. If anything, they are the years in which you learn to become not selfish. You realize that your parents may not always be there to hold your hand through every situation, and you have to learn to walk on your own two feet. As you said you also learn a lot about healthy relationships and friendships. Being a 20 year old is the prime time to understand who your real friends are and who will ultimately not be there for you. You also have to learn where you would like your life to go, what career you choose, where you want to live, etc. It’s a stressful time to be in your 20’s, you must embrace your youth, but realize that you have a lot coming your way! Thanks for your thoughts, great post!



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