Reaction to Silver – DeMora

Thick or Thin… You Decide

While reading “The difference between thin and thick tweets” by David Silver, one thought crossed my mind. Less is more. Although, maybe not completely true, but at least 140 characters or less is more.

Tweeting has become so diverse over the years. Being someone who started twitter back in 2009, looking back on what I, alone, used to tweet, actually makes me laugh. It is true that people post “thin” tweets a lot. I know I do almost every day. It’s who we are as humans. We tend to post one line phrases about what we’re doing that day, at that very moment. As Silver explains it, “Twitterers post thin tweets all the time. For example: ‘I’m grumpy today’, ‘oh snap, it’s raining again’, ‘need more coffee’, ‘am about to leave for the post office’, ‘I luv cottage cheese’,” (Silver). Now, reading these lines, you can see just how boring they are, or in a way dumb.

Now, I’m not saying people shouldn’t tweet those things because no one cares or they’re stupid, etc etc. But, let’s look at the big picture, people don’t care. While it may seem that people want to know about your day to day lives, and even you “luv” for cottage cheese, they don’t. So, while people, including myself, type away one liners about what we’re doing, watching, or what we love. We should actually think about what people may be interested in too.

I mean, in a way, Twitter is a way for people, friends, family, even celebrities, to interact with one another about different things. Posting about going to the gym, or walking in the rain, etc, does not exactly speak to others, including close friends.

I believe that’s why Silver wants to engage his students, as well as others, in finding new ways to tweet. While you may still be tweeting small posts (under 140 characters, of course) you should try to expand your tweets, leaving your follows to think, to become curious, and to want to know more. That’s where the links come in. Allowing people to follow another link to another website, an article, or even a photo, allows people to think and expand their thoughts on one tweet. Linking even a photo from another site makes people curious, for they cannot see the beautiful image without clicking the link. It gives people more to think about, and may lead them into research more things about the related topic.

Thick tweets are hard, I will admit, but they are not impossible. Every tweet goes a long way, even thin ones. I’m not saying thin tweets are bad and you shouldn’t do them. (Believe me, I could never say that, for I do it all the time) But, I will say to give thick tweets a try. You never know where they might take you.



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  1. Ive had a twitter for about a year now and have never really gotten into tweeting. I guess what whenever I did actually take the time to post something it has always been a thin tweet. Its just easier, you know. I agree that we seem to just post silly things that seem to be on our mind at the moment, but honestly who really cares. I know often times when Im scrolling through my feed Ill see post about how someones significant other did this or someones cat did that and Ill often just roll my eyes and keep going. But then again isn’t that why we go on? I don’t really go on twitter to see fully insightful post that will link me to other sites and inform me on topics that may or may not interest me. Usually when I am scrolling through my feed and I see a tweet that does have a highlighted blue link in it, I won’t even give it the chance to be read. So is less more? Yeah I think it is, but more can sometimes be just as intriguing.


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