The Struggle of paying for college


Have you ever wonder what would happen if you did not have the money to attend college and get the education you have always wanted? Imagine feeling restricted from accomplishing your goal of becoming a doctor, nurse, or teacher simply because you were unable to pay your college tuition for various reasons. For instance, losing your grants or funds for something simple like public intoxication or academic probation. Being depressed because your partner decided to end the relationship. To be realistic, your relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted. It’s college, go out and enjoy yourself, so what if your partner dumps you, life goes on. College is not about finding your life partner and being stuck with one person, it is about finding who you are. Put yourself first.
Anyways sorry got off track for a moment… What would you do in this case? The majority of students would seek help from their parents and loved ones, but for a student that comes from poverty or a low income home might not have the resources or support system needed to succeed. Their options are usually dropping out of school and get a job or get a full-time job and try to maintain their academics. The majority of students in today’s college world work and go to school. Some know how to manage their time between the two and other don’t. Point blank, the issue I am trying to get across through this post is that no matter how hard the situation you’re in is there is always a way of making it better. Not saying it would be easy, but if there’s a will there’s always a way.
This weekend I read an article about a college freshman. I’m not sure what college she attends, but for security proposes let’s not question it. This young lady was in a committed relationship, but her partner decided to end it. That put her in an extremely depressive state, which caused her to fall behind on her academics and lose sight of why she attended college in the first place. Due to her depression and lack of motivation, she lost her HOPE scholarship that was helping her pay for the majority of her college tuition. She needed assistance, but she refused to tell her parents about what was going because they were extremely stern. She tried finding different ways to obtain money, such as working as a waitress, other part-time jobs, and selling some of her belongings. The money she had coming in was not enough to support her or her college tuition. She then decided to become a “Sugar Baby” for older men. A sugar baby is basically like a “gold digger” someone seeking money from older men for money and other valuable things. After becoming a “Sugar Baby” she started meeting with different men from around the world. She not only met with them for money, but she had sex with them for money. This young lady, a college student who was too afraid to reach out to her parent made a choice of selling her body and time to older rich men. Like I mentioned before she had her reasons, but why sell yourself short when there’s always a way out when the struggle is real. I myself also a college student do not come from a wealthy home. There were plenty of times I thought about dropping out because of financial problems, but if you seek help there’s always someone willing to help you. The idea of paying for college is one struggle I feel young women face in today’s society.



  1. This is so sad. Unfortunately it happens a lot. One of my friends lost all her grants and aid and had to pay out of pocket this semester and she had to quit because her and her family didn’t have the money. What i hate most is knowing her for only 2 and 1/2 years i could tell she was going to be a great teacher and i see kids who have a full ride and they don’t even like kids…like really! it shouldn’t be this way. everyone should have be able to better themselves and receive an education. good article!


  2. I can’t get over the article pertaining to this post. So unfortunate to know this girl took that road in order to make a living. Can’t say that I agree with it, but it does make for a very interesting topic. What’s even sadder is the fact she was going to college. People go to college to earn a degree in the hopes of obtaining a job that will pay more than if we didn’t have the degree. Her breakup got the best of her and caused her grades to plummet, resulting in the loss of her financial funds. To think she turned to being a “sugar baby” to pay for her needs his mind-boggling. There are a few things to be learned her. For one, we shouldn’t let a relationship dictate our health, happiness, and future. Secondly, is college too expensive? So expensive that for some this occupation was the best initiative to make money? Something to think about. Really enlightening to have read your post. Glad you picked the topic, too!


  3. This post speaks to a lot of college students in similar situations out there, and really opens eyes to the ‘sugar daddy’ trend that is growing largely in the college student population. I agree with you that it is concerning to see some selling themselves short for relationships or loss. It isn’t easy to deal with and it happens too often to those with fragile emotions. I myself, work two part time jobs and am going to school full time, so I completely understand the struggle in that aspect. Working two jobs allows me to supports myself, but my tuition is all scholarship/aid based. It essentially goes to show that for financially lacking people, without help it is nearly impossible for them to attend school, the only option being prostitution. It is a very sad and unfortunate thing to see that this is the way higher education is causing young adults to progress, but I commend this post because it is important for us, college students, to be aware of this and keep working towards the cause.


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