Reaction to Bolter- Bell

After ready the essay by Jay Bolter, it instantly made me think about how far writing and technology has come over the years.  You never really sit there and think about how they have evolved over time, but when you do you will be shocked.  Writing started with stone and now we have so much technology like smartphones, computers, and many more things to come.

In the reading “Writing as Technology” Bolter stated, “Each culture and each period has had its own complex economy of writing a dynamic relationship among materials, techniques, genres, and cultural attitudes and uses.” (Bolter 24).  I personally believe that the form of technology we have today is just the beginning.  Each culture and time period has had its own form of technology for their time, but it is constantly changing. Technology is expanding and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  When thinking about how far technology has come its incredible.  There is so much more technology that is going to come over the years that our current smartphones and iPads will be something in the past.

With this being said, I do think that these said technologies are contributing to changing our world, but not always for the better.  I remember the days when we stared to lean cursive writing in second grade.  By the time I had hit sixth grade, we no longer wrong in cursive.  It was something that schools spend a lot of time teaching but it just never stuck. With technology, people and children are no longer writing.  They are using a computer to do the writing for them, using the computer to think for them, writing just isn’t the same.  Technology is taking over peoples lives in many aspects.  I believe that it is hurting the educational system in many ways.  When students are asked to write a research paper they go straight to the computer for information. What happened to going to the library and searching for books?  Technology has gotten in the way of children’s lives and has stopped them from thinking that they can’t do anything without technology.

I do feel that currently technology is controlling the lives of everyone.  Adults use it for sources of entertainment and communicating with people on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Children use technology for playing games instead of going outside to play with friends, and texting instead of calling a friend or meeting up with them.  At some point this technology will be used in a positive way, I’m just not sure when that will happen.


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  1. Remember how much they pushed us in school to learn cursive? I feel like that in itself is a dying art! I can remember taking the SAT’s and seeing others around me struggle having to copy in cursive a little passage. Having worked in an elementary setting, I rarely see students with homework pertaining to handwriting. So crazy to think this massive of a shift has taken place in under 10-20 years. Technology has definitely hindered some of our every day functions, like writing by hand, but at the same time it has carried us above and beyond anything we ever dreamed of. Perhaps technology isn’t the one bringing about the negativity. Perhaps it’s humans who take advantage of it?


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