Response To Bolter – Reyna

Reaction to Bolter- Reyna

Reading Jay Bolter’s essay really made me think about how much writing has developed over the years. He starts talking about the Ancient Egyptians way of writing and how writing is currently. In the essay he mentioned how Ancient Egyptians would use hand writing and papyrus rolls while scribes in the middle ages used handwriting and parchment. It’s unbelievable how much the world of writing has developed over the years.

In Bolter’s essay he brings up an interesting point of using technology as a way of writing. In today’s world with all the technology and inventions we have access to, it’s possible that in the near future paper and pen will no longer be used for writing. I myself am guilty of such acts. I am what they call a “techy student”. I prefer to type my notes on my laptop instead of writing them down on paper. If you think about it, technology is saving a lot of trees from getting cut down. If more students would use laptops to type their notes then less paper would be used. In my opinion technology is just making it easier to write . With all these new laptops, tablets and

Ipads the usage of notebooks is not as necessary as it once was.

Just as technology is advancing day by day, that could mean the end for many businesses. Public libraries are a prime example. In today’s world of technology we have e-books, kindles, and electronic sources to get our literature from. Soon the idea of libraries will be non-existent because of these technologies. Technology is replacing little by litte, for instance the dictionary, for example there are  apps and websites like has replace the usage of dictionaries.

I believe that technology is changing the world for better. Like I mentioned before technology is not only improving all the different way of writing and reading but it is also making the environment safer by eliminating all the usage of papers. However for every pro there are also cons. I do believe some people may take advantage of the technology around us and become lazy. Kids are growing up in a world where electronics are capable of doing almost everything for them. For instance many audio books read the story aloud instead of actually reading the book. Just like any great idea or invention there is always a price to pay. Soon technology will become our weakness and there will be a price our society will have to pay. Everything comes at a price.


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