Reaction to Bolter – DeMora

While reading Bolter’s essays, I thought a lot about how much “writing” has evolved and changed over the years. What began as a simple task done on stone is now something people do with technology, from laptops, to smart phones. Writing, itself, has come a far way and still continues to evolve as the years go by.

In the first essay by Jay David Bolter, “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print”, one of the first points he mentions is about the change in writing; “However, printing did displace handwriting, in the sense that the printed book became the most highly valued form of writing,” (Bolter 2). This makes me think about how our world has accepted writing and used it then, and even now. When I was a child, handwriting was all I ever knew. Every paper, every story, always had to be handwritten. While it was mostly because I was learning how to write, I look at children today and realize that that isn’t the case. With the way technology is today, children hardly use pencil and paper to write. There are “apps” on devices for young children to practice and learn their handwriting skills. While they are tracing on a screen, I feel they are lacking something all people should have in this world… penmanship.

Without the proper teaching and technique for children learning how to write, they will never know how to properly write their names, sign their names, etc. I, myself, do not have very well penmanship when signing my name, because I was not properly taught how to write in cursive. As I got older, cursive became an optional way of writing, so I never used it. Kids today may never learn even how to write in cursive for that exact reason. And the use of technology is only making this matter worse; “Electronic technology provides a range of new possibilities, whereas the possibilities of print seem to have been played out,” (Bolter 2). While I do agree that the technology we have is great to an extent, it isn’t exactly the best thing in the world.

I feel that people use way too much in our world today. What started as an easier task for employers is something everyone uses out of laziness. People prefer to use technology for every task they encounter. Libraries are going to go out of business because of ebooks, ereaders, kindles, nooks, and all sorts of electronic book readers. People don’t even need dictionaries anymore, for most devices allow you to highlight a word, and it supplies you with a definition.

I do feel that technology is changing for the better, and is making our world environmental friendly. However, I do feel people are taking advantage of it, and are lacking in their writing, and reading skills. Young children are growing up in a world where devices will do things for them. It’s a scary thing, for technology is not always simple and fun. I think it’ll be years before technology is used for the good it is intended to be used for.


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  1. I think you touched on some really great point from Bolters article. I agree with you when you said how children are going to struggle with their penmanship because I do believe that they are doing everything on computers now, i feel like they never really write anything. I believe that they will definitely will struggle with writing in cursive. For example, I learned cursive in second grade and never used it after fifth grade. The only time I have written in cursive is to sign something or write a check. Children will never get to learn cursive and actually use it since being how old I am and i don’t even use it anymore. It is really sad to see how fast it had faded away. Technology is changing for the better but in some aspects it is taking over some of the wrong things in the school setting.


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