As We May Think Reaction – Bell

In this reading Bush speaks about how he wants to extend the human memory.  Along with that he also spoke about how he wants to extend the human ability to catalogue and categorize human information.  He goes into detail about the how he wants humans to eventually have the ability to keep and save information for a long time.  He came up with his own personal invention.  An invention that he called memex.  He quotes, “A memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.”  After reading this article I did end up a little confused.  Not because the article hard to understand, but because the content was very different from what I have read before.  Bush says, ““Thus far we seem to be worse off than before—for we can enormously extend the record; yet even in its present bulk we can hardly consult it. This is a much larger matter than merely the extraction of data for the purposes of scientific research; it involves the entire process by which man profits by his inheritance of acquired knowledge”.  He was coming up with something so visual on his own, and it could potentially happen one day when it’s completed.  You never know!

Bush, Vannevar. “As We May Think.” The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 01 July 1945. Web.


Twitter – Reaching Out – Bell

Entering the world of Twitter was a new experience that I started this semester.  I never thought about trying out Twitter and starting an account.  I always thought to myself, I never have enough to say, I never have anything interesting to say, or I never have anything worthwhile to post.  Also with only 140 characters, I didn’t know if that was possible.  Starting a Twitter account in the beginning of this class was like entering a whole new world.  I didn’t know where to begin, or what my first tweet would be.  It had to be something good! It was hard and confusing for me to be able to find people that I wanted to follow.  I learned about the hashtag which really helped me find people in my class.  I was then able to add everyone in class and I was right in hands reach if I ever needed to ask a question to a fellow classmate.  This was when I began to think that maybe Twitter isn’t that bad.  I started out tweeting a lot between my WRT class and my Intro Class.  I tried to keep up with people who were obviously daily tweeters.  It was hard to keep up with everyone since this was something completely new to me.  I thought I did pretty well for a beginner tweeter.

When it came time to reach out to people in the same profession field as me I found that to be a little difficult.  Thankfully Professor Kopp gave us a list of people we could follow to make this portion of tweeting easier.  After reaching some of the tweets, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to reach out to, or what I would say to them.  What could I say to this person who is successful and known on twitter.  I felt that even if I tried to reach out to them I  still wouldn’t get a tweet back.  I felt inferior to them and I don’t know why I felt that way.  Maybe because I was new to this and just reaching out to someone random made me a little nervous. I decided to pick the best name of the list of professionals that stood out the most to me.  I found her within seconds, and she is amazing! Meet Vicki Davis who is also known as Cool Cat Teacher!  She tweets a lot of inspirations quotes along with a lot of tips for people wanting to enter the educational field.  I did not have any luck hearing back from her, which I assumed would happen. She never really tweeted back to people who retweet her things or tag her in a tweet.  I’m not hurt that she didn’t reach out to me, she’s a busy woman! I will continue to follow her on twitter and save the information she gives out so I can make use of it when I become a teacher.

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Reyna- Tweeting with the Professional Community


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When I was first instructed to create a Twitter account, I was completely surprised. I knew that the class Intro. To Writing Arts was going to be a very attention-grabbing class, but never suspected that it would be much of a technological class environment. In class we were able to live tweet all different comments or concerns. If I had any questions about anything in class, I was able to communicate via twitter with my classmates, which was very convenient. I had never signed up for a Twitter account so the whole idea of tweeting was something I was not familiar with at all. We were assigned to tweet at least three times a day and to interact with the professional community. Once I got the idea of tweeting I was unable to stop tweeting. It amazes me that in today’s culture there are so many forms of communication.

Not having as much followers as my peers or others in the social media made it harder to try and communicated with professionals or celebrities. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger was kind of an odd experience for me, just because I knew I was not going to get a reply back. I tweeted to two different very know celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Lana Parrilla. I tweeted a question in Spanish to one of my favorite Latina singers Jennifer Lopez. My question was based on something I had learned in my Spanish class that week, which is, Is a leader born or made? I waited for a week for a response, a week pass by and there was no response back. I felt so upset, but at the same time I understood they are celebrities’ with extremely busy life’s styles. As I scroll down and up my twitter feed, I notice the multiple conversations my peers were having with different professionals, I guess they must have done something right to get a reply back unlike me.

Overall my experience with twitter was not as boring as I might make it seem. Looking back to day one to present-day, I have definitely adapted to the whole twitter sphere concept. Hopefully one day Jennifer Lopez or Lana Parrilla from my favorite TV series Once Upon a time would have 30 seconds and reply back. For now I am just going to keep on twitting drinking a cup of coffee, in case I fall asleep waiting for them.

Our Blog The 20 Year Old Struggle

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The 20 Year Old Struggle, the blog that my partners and I have created is to speak about the struggle of being a 20 year old.  The everyday struggle of life, college, friends, and things that are completely far from a struggle but we make them harder on ourselves.  We speak about the struggles of just being an every day college student trying to make it to graduation to the struggles of not being able to be on Facebook.  We decided that having a blog about the struggles of being in our 20’s was something that a lot of people could easily relate to.  We wanted to pick something that males and females could relate to and be able to connect with people who may have to same struggles as we do.  The easiest way to get people to relate to your blogs would be technology.  Technology means everything to people out age.  We don’t go a day, hour, minute, or second without using some for of technology.  It is our life and we seem to be okay with that.  I think that the coolest struggles that I read about this semester was reading everyones struggle with not using site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  I didn’t do well with this portion of the class because I completely caved and gave in.  It was indeed a struggle to not use Facebook for one whole day, and that is something that our whole class can relate to.  Other things readers can relate to is college, the everyday struggle with going to class, studying, doing homework, and picking out the perfect outfit for the party that night.  The 20 year old struggle is here for everyone to read and relate to.  Blog and Tweet to let everyone know about your everyday struggle.

Growing up with dial-up turned you into a total badass by Mike Fenn – Bell


Beeeeeep. Bong, bong. Beeeeeeeep. Hshhhhhhhht. Hshhhhhhhhtttttttttt.

We are all so familiar with that sound and visual above.  Yes, the horribly slow and painful way we had to log on to AOL. The lovely sounds of dial up.  Which was only possible to do when someone wasn’t using the phone or if you had two phone lines.  It is crazy to think about how far technology has come in only 10 years.  When you think about the current technology such as Facebook and Twitter,  you never realize how good we have it.  We really do take all of this for granted. Imagine logging on to your computer and having to sit there and wait to be connected to those sites.  We seriously complain when it takes a webpage more than 2 seconds to connect.  Even the children that are young now don’t know what it really was like to be patient when it came to the internet.  They have everything instantly when we sat back and just waited.  Back when AOL and Myspace were around we would sit there patiently waiting to be connected.  We never really thought about the future and if there would ever be a faster way to connect to those sites.  Fenn said, “There was no such thing as streaming video, and there was definitely no such thing as live streaming video; the average household computer connection simply couldn’t handle that constant of a data transfer. Instead, there existed small snippets of video that could only be played through bastard programs like RealPlayer.”  Could you image using such things are RealPlayer?!  I remember thinking that those programs were so cool, and how we don’t even need programs like them to do any of this.  Like Fenn said, we earned the internet and technologies that we have today.  We had to go through years of the slow connections and downloads.  Children now have it easy, everything they want they can get with a quick click of a button.  It’s sad that the struggle for them is when it takes a few more seconds for something on the internet to load.

“Today, getting online is as simple as double-clicking your Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer icon. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, however, there was a multi-step process involved:

1) Yell out to everyone in your household, “Is everyone off the phone? I want to get online!”

2) Repeat step 1 as necessary until the telephone line is, indeed, open for use.

3) Double-click the America Online button, enter your username and password, sign in.

4) A window will appear that reads “dialing.” Your computer modem will buzz to life and a series of sounds will spew from your speakers: a dial tone, a series of “bing”- and “bong”-like effects that sound like robots getting it on, and static.

5) Repeat step 4 as necessary. You rarely, if ever, connected on the first try.

The Viral-Media Prof Whose Kids Got 1 Million Facebook Likes (and a Puppy) by Rebecca J. Rosen – Bell

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This article was just the beginning of describing the world of Facebook.  It spoke about the basics, such as getting likes on a post which is something that every person wants.  You aren’t cool unless people like your posts.  When they don’t you feel as if what you had just posted wasn’t good enough for everyone, you have failed at the one thing people love about Facebook and thrive off of.   In it shows the proof how far technology has come. We started with using the printing press to publish things such as the newspaper to now posting and such things as the news online with one click of a button. Rosen wrote about a dad who promised his children a puppy, but they wouldn’t get that puppy so easily. Rosen stated that the sign these children were holding read, “”Hi World,” the sign read. “We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million Likes! So Like this!” And then, in smaller handwriting: “He doesn’t think we can do it!””  The dad wanted his children to get 1 million likes before they could get a puppy and to the fathers surprise they did it! They actually got the 1 million likes.  This is how crazy the world of sharing things on Facebook is.  You would never think some kids could reach that goal, but as Rosen says, “Because the speed, not to mention the reach, of digital technologies is on a totally different scale. You don’t even need to reproduce anything anymore, you merely share with a click.”  It is just that simple now to have something be spread so fast on the internet. The father of the children did say they were going to get a puppy anyway, but he wanted to see how many likes they would actually get.  He didn’t think 1 million like would be anything they could accomplish, but they well exceeded that.  Rosen quoted the father saying, “In many ways, it feels like the Internet has reopened up things that got codified and changed toward the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century. That wild west really gets tamped down; journalism becomes very professionalized; systems are set in place to prevent the kinds of rampant sharing that was happening before. In some ways, when the Internet came along, that open, wild sharing atmosphere had returned.”  There is a totally new way to share news and pictures now, and its never been easier.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.02.46 PM

Pecha Kucha! – Bell

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When I first heard our professor say the words Pecha Kucha my firs thought was what?  Then my brain went straight to an image of Pokémon.  Why you may ask, I have no idea but I can say that a log of people had the same thought.  When reviewing the assignment page for out Pecha Kucha presentation I began to feel overwhelmed.  Pecha Kucha is when you present a power point with 20 slides, only pictures, for 20 seconds.  I thought to myself, “How am I going to relate my blog to an article with a picture in under 20 seconds?”.  After talking to my group members I started to all make sense.  It didn’t really seem that it would be that hard after we all got together and spoke about the assignment.  My end result was not exactly what I wanted.

So our group started out blog that is called “The 20 Year Old Struggle”.  The main goal for this blog is to let others know the life of a person is their 20’s and the struggles that come along with being in the generation that we are in, such as being a college student.  For our presentation we as a group decided to put tougher 20 slides with memes that we thought would be entertaining to the listeners, as well as making it easier for them to relate the picture to our readings.  I believe that as a group we did extremely well.  I did have some flaws with my presentation where I did not quote my authors when relating them to our blog.

I am not the person who likes to present projects in front of others since I tend to get nervous and mess up with my words.  The perfect example would be not quoting the authors in my readings.  It was right there on my notecard.  For some reason when I present I don’t go by what I wrote down for myself, I rend to just go with the flow and sometimes throw new things in, and for this presentation I did that, along with leaving out a really important part of my presentation.  Luckily we have a really awesome Professor and didn’t completely shoot me down for not quoting my authors and gave me a second change.

I would have to say that I really over throughout this presentation and really let it get to me.  I set a perfect example for our blog, “ The 20 year old struggle”  and showed that it is indeed a real thing.  I let the stress of the project get in the way of my presentation.  With that being said, I wish I would have relaxed a lot more and just calmly presented my potion of my project.  Pecha Kucha was something new that I have never heard of before.  I think that it is something new that will be used a lot in schools for students to speak about readings.  I really enjoyed the whole idea of the Pecha Kucha after I presented, I got to see what it really was instead of stressing about it.

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